The vulnerable side of Bojack Horseman according to creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg

It’s only been 2 years since Netflix arrived in Australia. The streaming service has featured a host of original shows and characters including the self-hating, washed-up star (who also happens to be a horse), Bojack Horseman. The creator of the Emmy-nominated show Raphael Bob-Waksberg - in Australia for Video Junkee - talked to Nic about the serious side of the comedy. Bob-Waksberg said that the secret behind Bojack’s relatability is his vulnerability. We “understand that he’s wounded”, and that “he feels empty” like we all do at times. Bob-Waksberg contrasts this with other popular culture anti-heroes, who he says glorify bad behaviour and are too cool. Bob-Waksberg described the fourth season of the show as it’s ‘middle-age’ and finding it… Read More


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