150 Episodes Of Across The Park!

2SER’s Friday night sports program Across The Park just reached the milestone of 150 episodes! What a perfect opportunity to have a chat with one of the program’s hosts Joel Cassim about how the show came to be, and the secret of their longevity.

Listen to the 150th episode here!

2SER is not known as a sporty station. How did you manage to get this show approved by the Program Manager?

Let’s just say that like a couple of certain NRL teams, there was a bit of a ‘brown-paper-bag-under-the-table’ type situation. No, that’s not true, of course! I think what really got us over the line was the idea that Across The Park wouldn’t be a typical sports show. We wanted to make a show for people who weren’t necessarily into sport, because we didn’t know that much about it ourselves.

Over three years how have you seen the sporting world change?

It has hardly been mentioned, but over the past couple years we have been living through a pandemic, and it has had an effect on all sports, from the Olympics to community sport! The Olympics having to be put off for a full year is a huge deal. We also add national sports being played in front of empty stadiums, and community sport, which is something we are big on, completely stopping, and the whole sporting world has changed.

What sport has been covered the most times? (Do you have an Across the Park statistician?)

We try to cover as much as possible, but our obsession is Underwater Rugby. Yes, it is a sport! Yes, it is as fascinating as it sounds! Yes, we have worn their uniform! We try to bring in as many stats as we can, but sometimes facts get in the way.

You, Gaby and Mick are a great team and come across as a close-knit and entertaining but slightly dysfunctional family unit. That’s just a comment, not a question.

Haha and I agree.

Who’s the best tipster in the team?
None of us! As a group, we are terrible. At the start of the 2021 NRL season for example, I asked Gaby how she thought the Penrith Panthers would go, and she said they wouldn’t stand a chance. They won the Grand Final.
You’ve had some great guests on the program over the years, and they seem to enjoy the chat. Have you had any surprise revelations?

We have been really lucky with our guests. Sporting legends like Steve Waugh, olympians, paralympians, comedians, doctors, adventurers. The list goes on. But I do remember Nina Oyama, who is a wonderfully funny comedian, saying she had found herself playing in the Ultimate Frisbee National Championships! Even she was surprised.

There is a lot of “radio theatre” in Across the Park. Can you tell us which of these statements are true?
– You have represented NSW in state swimming championships and have the certificate to prove it
– Mick Rad cannot reveal his true identity for fear of being persecuted by Gaby Morris
– Gaby Morris will be running this radio station one day

I don’t mention it often (maybe once or twice a show), but I did represent NSW in swimming. Raced Ian Thorpe too, in case I hadn’t said that enough either. However, I am interested in the idea of Mick being unable to reveal his true identity. I wonder who he is? And I am sure Gabs would do a fine job running 2ser. I’m just a bit worried that the giant bronze sculptures we would have made of ourselves probably won’t fit in her office.

150 episodes is a great milestone, but surely you’re set on the double century?

Absolutely! 50 episodes was a milestone, as was 100! Making 200 would be very special. Poor old 150 seems to not be as interesting, though. But it was another bizarre show with a wild introduction, so hopefully that helps!

Listen to Across The Park on Fridays at 7pm on 2SER, or any time on demand.
Tuesday 7th of December, 2021

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