Wayne returns from the land of Movies and Music with a bounty for us eager viewers. Stuck for what to watch this week, fret not, Wayne has you covered with four recommendations from the latest in film, music, and television.


Four reviews.

Two minutes each.

Here’s what he had for us.


Film: Eo

A Polish/Italian film, Eo allows you to see the life through the eyes of the melancholy donkey Eo. Eo is well cared for by his trainer in a traveling circus, but after a new law is passed banning live animal performances he is taken away from his trainer and is passed between owners before setting out on his own. Through his eyes we see the beauty and ugliness of the world, and the gentleness and savagery of humanity. Eo is available in cinemas.

Watch the trailer here.


Film: Air

Iconic duo Ben Affleck and Matt Damon reunite for sports drama Air, the story of how Nike grew to be the sneaker powerhouse it is today through the development and marketing of its Air Jordan line. Damon plays shoe salesman Sonny Vicaro who convinces Affleck plays Nike CEO Phil Knight to pursue NBA rookie Michael Jordan to endorse their new line of basketball sneaker to compete against Converse and New Balance. Air is available in cinemas.

Watch the trailer here.


Series: KaDeWe

German TV series KaDeWe focuses on the Kaufhaus des Westens department store and Eldorado nightclub and the intersecting lives for four young individuals in 1920s Berlin. We follow their development as they come of age in increasing tumultuous times as the shadow of the Nazi Party looms ever greater. KaDeWe is available on Stan.

Watch the trailer here.


Album: Rat Saw God Wednesday

Rat Saw God  is the fifth studio album from American rock band Wednesday. The band has an affinity for quiet, dusty corners of forgotten America, which they celebrate with with grungy and gritting sounds and poetic, honest lyrics. Rat Saw God is available on Spotify and Bandcamp.

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