2ser 40th Birthday: Anna Vidot

“I learnt how to do radio at 2SER. Everything I know about broadcasting-it started learning there. What is a story? How do we consider whether something is or isn’t a story? How do we see through bullshit? How do we get to the heart of what our community that is listening to us actually want or need from this interview or story?”

2SER has a rich history of training journalists in the art of news and current affairs reporting. Over the years programs such as The Wire and Razors Edge have played a vital role in delivering trusted, independent coverage of news and current affairs – with the programs exploring everything from politics to science to indigenous affairs to local matters. 

Throughout the station’s 40 year history, hundreds of journalists have honed their skills in 2SER’s newsrooms, including Anna Vidot who volunteered at the station from 2006-2007. Anna went on to report on agricultural and regional issues from Hobart and Launceston in Tasmania, and Wagga Wagga in south west New South Wales, in the heart of the Murray-Darling Basin and became the ABC Rural’s National Political reporter based in Parliament House, Canberra.

Anna is currently the host of ‘Drive’ for ABC Canberra, and she caught up with 2SER producer Jess Klajman to chat about her time at the station and how she got here start in journalism right here on 2SER.

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