2ser 40th Birthday: Keith Jackson

“It was a very joyful day at the station, because we all realised what a significant moment this was.”

Back in 1979, after years of planning and paperwork, a switch was flipped and 2SER began its life as a community radio station. The man flicking that switch was Keith Jackson, the first ever Station Manager of 2SER.

Jackson left 2SER in good hands in 1983, and became a federal election candidate for the Labor party and joined the International Training Institute as a lecturer in mass communication. He then became a General Manager, Corporate Relations at the ABC, established his own PR company Jackson Wells Morris and even co-authored the radio management manual, β€˜Manage By The Moment’, for UNESCO with Phil Charley. He was awarded an Order of Australia on Australia Day, 2004.

Keith joined Tess Connery to chat about those early days; building a radio station from the ground up, loading log tapes in back to front on the first day on air and the excitement on this day 40 years ago.

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