2ser 40th Birthday: Mike Williams

“I think that when you’re starting out in some sort of creativity like radio, you aren’t weighed down by what you can and can’t do. And that freedom coupled with a space like 2SER, when people say “Go for it!”, “Try it”, is really really exciting.”

Documentary maker Mike Williams currently works at ABC Radio National, but did you know he got his start at 2SER in 2009?

Out of the Macquarie Studios, Mike started working on the Tuesday Daily show and since that time, has achieved so much throughout his career. He has produced content for programs such as 360 Documentaries, Into The Music and The Night Air. He has helped organise the In The Dark community listening events and was instrumental in launching Radio National’s ‘Drive’ show. He’s also helped produce for Triple J’s One Night Stand and Hottest 100.

Mike joined Jess Klajman for a chat about his time at 2SER; calling in sick the day of his first on-air shift, moving studios and the pain of saying goodbye.

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