2ser 40th Birthday: Nic Healey

“2SER taught me to take that step back and think not necessarily as a journo or someone pursuing the story, but think as a listener. What do I want to know from this story? And it comes up times and time again.”

Waking up and preparing for the day ahead can sometimes be a tough job, but back when Nic Healy was behind the mic here on 2SER Breakfast, the day just seemed to start a little brighter. Nic now works at the ABC in Dubbo and works on the Breakfast show.

Nic hosted Weekday Breakfast from 2016 – 2018, and he caught up with Jess Klajman to chat about those early mornings; hijacked interviews with the Bondi hipsters and the lessons he’s learnt from 2SER.

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