2ser 40th Birthday: Vijay Khurana

“There were lots of very lovely and supportive people, and it gave me a chance not just to learn a lot about radio, but for this fairly middle-class boy (to learn) there was a big Sydney out there that I didn’t necessarily know, and it kind of started to introduce me to that.”

15 years ago, a young Vijay Khurana found his way to the 26th floor of the UTS tower and into the studios of 2SER. After two years of honing his skills at the station, Vijay made the jump to the ABC’s triple j, and from there the world was his oyster. 

Vijay is now living in London and finishing a Masters in Creative Writing and joined Jess Klajman for a chat about 3am Monday shifts, forgetting to press record and the importance of community radio.


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