2SER New Music Report! (June 14, 2024 edition)

Welcome to the 2SER New Music Report – featuring all the new music on your 2SER airwaves this week across your Breakfast, The Daily and Drive programs!


Cola – The Gloss (OS)
Dirty Three – Love Changes Everything (AU)
Dobby – WARRANGU; River Story (L)
Emma Volard – Alibi (AU)
Goat Girl – Below the Waste (OS)
La Luz – News of the Univere (OS)
Marcel Wave – Something Looming (OS)
Rapsody – Please don’t cry (OS)
Salvia Palth – last chance to see (OS)
U-Ziq – Grush (OS)


Allysha Joy – Raise up (AU)
Barkaa – Preach (L)
Jerome Blaze – Let your heart fill up (L)
Orquesta Akokan – Pan Con Tibiri (OS)
The Dharma Chain – YSHK (L)
Web Rumors – Blithe Echo (AU)

*Are you a musician or producer and looking to have your music played on 2SER? We’d love to hear from you.
Please send it through to Submitmusic@2ser.com with a downloadable link (in wav or 320 mp3 format). Be sure to include the release date, your location and any bio, epk links


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