2SER Supporter Drive

This week saw the start of the annual 2SER Supporter Drive! It’s that time of year when we ask you to acknowledge what 2SER means to you and show us a little bit of credit card love.

Host Sean Morahan was joined in the Vultures’ Nest by Peter Green.


2SER Supporter Drive

Most of the people who work to produce 2SER’s programs are volunteers. So as a community radio station, our financial support comes from you, our listeners.

So that we can continue to bring you stories, ideas and music, it’s the time of year when we remind you to support your 2SER by registering as a supporter. Call right now on 9514 9500 or go to

Here on the Vultures’ Nest each week we have a guest or two and together we take pseudo-intellectual potshots at some of the news and culture of the week.

Today, because it’s supporter drive, we are sharing some short and sweet examples of what we do on our program

Story 1:

One example from this week’s news that’s the sort of story we’d normally pull apart in The Vultures’ Nest is the Story about a man who was billed for $1400 of pre-existing damage on a rental car.

The good thing when you support us during 2SER Supporter Drive? Even if you photograph and document all the details of the condition of 2SER before you financially support us, you’ll find that after a year we are in even better condition than when you picked us up!

Story 2:

From this week’s news, another example of the type of story we’d pull apart for your amusement: A man was on Google Maps looking up romantic places to take his wife to found out she’d already been there with another man — and it ended their marriage.

If you need a little temporary love-break from your partner, do it the safe way: just spend some quality time with 2SER. We promise there won’t be GoogleMap incriminating evidence and it may even make your relationship better.

Yes, you’re welcome. Express your Australian currency gratitude right now on 9514 9500 or go to

For many of our listeners we also fulfill a need for radio that does not berate the chief executive (Louise Herron) of the Opera House for devious commercial interests.

Story 3:

Another story from this week’s news that is the sort of story we’d enjoy discussing from different angles is “The woman who was not allowed to bring her emotional support squirrel on a flight.”

Instead of support squirrels, what a lot of people need for long flights is some quality podcasts. Here at 2SER we also produce compelling podcasts like ‘Just Words’ , ‘Women Who Rock’ and ‘Breathless’. We can’t do this without your support.

Story 4:

Last week in the French Alps, the world’s first terrace roof on a cable car was opened to the public. So instead of being satisfied with the terror of swinging in high winds inside a hanging communal coffin, you can accelerate the terror by being outside in the blizzard.



Story 5:

Here at The Vultures Nest we like to pull things apart to provide our listeners with extra value so another story from this week’s news that we really related to was ….

The mysterious artist Banksy shredded his own artwork after it was sold at auction, reportedly increasing it’s value.


Story 6:

It was reported this week that Chinese Scientists have created baby mice from same-sex biological parents.


Story 7:

A Victorian University Student didn’t have time to finish his assignment properly but he found the time to argue the point against Monash University in the Victorian Equal Opportunities and Human Rights Commission and the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal. The court dismissed his action yesterday and awarded costs to the Uni.

There are some things that you can’t argue with. Like the need for community radio. You can help ensure that 2SER’s quality community radio continues by supporting us during 2SER Supporter Drive. Call now on 9514 9500 or go to

A standard supporter level is $80 a year, which is 21.9 cents a day which is .4 of a cent for an episode of the Vultures’ Nest.  We trust you’ve got your 0.4 of a cent’s worth this morning!


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