VIDEO PREMIERE: Julia Why? Redesigns the Food Pyramid with Candy

Julia Why?s first single from their forthcoming second LP is one that sounds even better than it tastes PLUS comes with the added rush you need without all the dreaded side effects.

Off the mark with a sharpened nudging guitar riff, Candy’s sickly sweet sound comes from a centre of hazey guitar, a damn crunchy set of drums, with Julia’s caramelised vocals enticing you to cross into the realm of the sugar delusional. They also enlisted the help of seasoned local artist EARS aka Captain Earwax to bring the song to life.

Candy gets launched in Sydney on Friday night the 20th October over at Waywards (above The Bank in Newtown) alongside Mope City, Busy Tones & Spike Vincent. Before heading up to Brisbane.

As good as any sugar substitute.


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