A Dire Isle by RV Raman Part Two

We discuss chapters 9-16 in RV Raman’s latest Harith Athreya mystery ‘A Dire Isle‘. In the aftermath of the murder of an archaeological dig, Harith and Inspector Bhupinder get to work interrogating the staff, to close in on the murderer. With various staff knowing more than they should, and some confessing to things distant in their past, how deep can the motive go? As the case goes on, the haunted shape of Naaz Tapu beckons Athreya closer, and it looks like it soon might bite.
We also speak with RV Raman himself about his past corporate thrillers, in particular ‘Fraudster‘. How did fictionally exploring the human side of his previous career in finance help prepare him to sculpt the world of Harith Athreya?
Check out Part One and Part Three here!

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