A major TV production comes to town… how Winton (FNQ) went along for the ride

Winton – outback Queensland – population roughly 1300 give or take – and a township physically about the size of Randwick racecourse.

Winton’s the home of Waltzing Matilda, Dinosaur capital of Australia, brilliant opals and now Hollywood.

Well, not quite – it depends on who you speak to. 

You may be watching the gritty television that is ‘Total Control’, the timely political drama unfolding on ABC TV on Sunday nights. 

It’s gripping television, with a big name cast and a big name crew. What you may not know is that it was largely filmed in Winton, and earlier this year several hundred production personnel rocked up and lived side by side with the tiny outback township for 5 weeks.

Here to shed a little outback light on this fascinating partnership is Gavin Baskett – Mayor of Winton. 


And for more information about visiting Winton and all the riches the Queensland Outback has to offer check out their website here.



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