A Night for Resistance with Green Left, the 78ers, and Pride In Protest

Following the 44th Mardi Gras, Resistance Bookshop and Green Left are hosting a screening of the Australian LGBTQIA+ feature filmRiot’ (2018). Aside from the film, those attending will also be treated to an affordable three course dinner and receive the opportunity to hear from 78ers Ken Davis and Robyn Plaister, as well as Wei Thai-Haynes, a member of the Pride In Protest Grassroots Political Organisation advocating for queer liberation and the right to protest.

The event is being held from 5pm-9pm this Saturday July 16th at the Resistance Centre and Bookshop in Ultimo. To purchase tickets, visit Eventbrite.

Tuesday Drive’s Felix Shannon speaks with activist and event organiser Rachel Evans about what attendees can expect to experience this Saturday. Other topics of discussion included the perceived ubiquity of Sydney’s Mardi Gras, the 78ers, the links between ‘green’ and queer activism, the ongoing violence and prejudice directed at the LGBTQIA+ community, and the ongoing fight for justice.

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