A Very Kransky Christmas


Seymour Centre

9th & 10th December 2017



Annie Lee as Mourne Kransky

Christine Johnston as Eve Kransky

Carolyn Johns as Dawn Kransky

Following 2 sold-out, national tours in 2015 and 2016, one of Australia’s most enduring and beloved comedy acts, The Kransky Sisters, are returning to the Seymour Centre’s York Theatre for just 2 special performances of their hilariously kooky show, A Very Kransky Christmas, where the ladies will once again celebrate the festive season in true Kransky style!

 Hailing from the quiet town of Esk in the middle of south east Queensland, The Kransky Sisters have taken a break from tending ants, knitting egg warmers, and hanging out cane toad skins to dry, to travel around the country performing their popular Christmas show, A Very Kransky Christmas, once more – from Queensland to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and everywhere in between! Santa’s not the only one coming to town this Christmas!

The sisters, Mourne, Eve and Dawn, love Christmas because Christmas food is some of their favourite. They grow chokoes to use for Christmas decorations and eat them on Christmas day. They love Christmas pudding and white Christmas, and always copy the recipes that their mother had used. They also like some of the songs they believe were written by Santa although they find some of his songs quite spooky, and it didn’t go very well when the sisters met Santa some year ago. They prefer to sing their own songs for Christmas. But they hope one day to finally get presents in their stockings



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