ACTU: Sexual Harassment Complaints System Needs Overhaul

A recent survey by the Australian Council of Trade Unions found that sexual harassment is still a major concern in our workplaces and that a majority of victims are unwilling to make a formal complaint.


According to the report, many victims feel internal complaints mechanisms often lead to further victimisation as well as lack of punishment for perpetrators with more than half of the 27% of victims who did complain, feeling not at all satisfied with the outcome of their complaint.


The ACTU is proposing an array of reforms designed to make justice more accessible for workers who may have to bear lengthy and expensive court battles to get a final resolution.


We spoke with  Kara Keys, National Campaign Coordinator for the ACTU, Dr Elizabeth Shi, lecturer at the Graduate School of Business and Law at RMIT University, and Scott Barklamb, Director of Workplace Relations at the Australian Council of Commerce and Industry to find out more.


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