How Adam Long Is Disrupting The Legal Industry

When Adam Long was charged $450 per hour for a lawyer who took far too long to complete a simple legal request, yet still made multiple errors — he set out to create a robotic lawyer who could actually get things done swiftly. 

Now he’s the CEO of a legal artificial intelligence company that drafts court documents in under 10 minutes — Smart Drafter. The legal AI industry is fast evolving, with consulting firm McKinsey estimating that 22-35% of legal jobs can already be automated. According to Smart Drafter, “The future lawyer is not a human, it is a voice on your desk.”

Adam joined us in the studio and spoke to Mick about the possibility of a robotic lawyer defending us in court, the future of artificial intelligence and what it means to be an ethical business. He now works with other CEOs to grow their business and their ethical impact as The Ethical CEO.

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