Hallowe’en Party from Agatha Christie’s Poirot Season 12

In our Halloween Spooktacular, we’re joined by Brad Friedman from Ah Sweet Mystery to discuss Agatha Christie’s infamous ‘Hallowe’en Party’ and its 2011 British Television adaptation with a screenplay by Mark Gatiss. Taking very direct inspiration from elsewhere in her own franchises, Agatha Christie penned a derivative tale that Gatiss has reworked into a charming, if bizarre, romp for perfect Halloween viewing. From architectural antagonists to a nose-bludgeoning metaphor in the form of a bed-ridden author who can’t come up with fresh ideas, the captivating performances of David Suchet and his co-stars turn this missable novel into something a bit more special.
We also sit down to discuss our draft rankings for this year’s ‘Review Season’, our annual year-end recommendations based on what we’ve covered through the year. If you have any opinions you want to squeeze onto our desks before the final rankings – send them to us via @FlexAndHerds on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!
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