Alison Whittaker’s Blakwork

Today’s episode features Alison Whittaker discussing her latest poetry collection Blakwork.

Alison Whittaker

Alison Whittaker is a Gomeroi poet and legal researcher from the floodplains of Gunnedah in NSW. Her first book of poetry was Lemons in the Chicken Wire and her second, out last year is Blakwork.


Blakwork collects Alison’s poetry and essay covering personal and social biography, satire and critique. It explores Alison’s life as a First Nations woman, and her experiences as a poet and a lawyer.

Sydney Writers Festival

Alison Whittaker appears as part of 2ser’s Sydney Writers Festival coverage. Catch up on many great Sydney Writers Festival authors on the Final Draft Great Conversations podcast. Stay tuned to 2ser for stacks of great writers festival artists and previews.

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