All Night Cine-Love In

All Night Cine-Love In is a film extravaganza. And by all night, we mean 10pm right through until 7.30am!

The all night event will feature four films: David Lynch’s 1977 cult classic Eraserhead; Nagisa Oshima’s controversial (and once-banned) In The Realm of the Senses, an uncompromising study of sexual obsession; O Lucky Man!, and John Waters’ Female Trouble, a fabulously foul low budget spectacular that oozes camp and depraved splendour.

Nicole sits down with Jenny Neighbour the Sydney Film Festival’s Program Manager to get you excited about what to expect at the All Night Cine-Love In and the Sydney Film Festival.

All Night Cine-Love In, Dendy Newtown, 8 June 10 pm, get your tickets here.

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