All We Can’t See on Nauru plus Dr Gene Sherman

Arielle Gamble, curator of All We Can’t See, a collection of work based on the infamous leaked documents known as the Nauru Files joined Tamson and Anna on GLAMcity.

Thirty- three Australian artists illustrated one file each for the collection. The artists include Abdul Abdullah, Belinda Fox, Ben Quilty and Luke Sciberras.

The illustrated files can be seen on the All We Can’t See website.

The exhibition can be seen in Adelaide in December in the Adelaide Conference Centre foyer.

The leaked documents can be seen in the original state on the Guardian’s website – Caution to viewers, the contents of the files can be distressing.

The second part of this GLAM episode revisits a discussion between Anna and collector, curator and creator Dr. Gene Sherman about the launch of the Sherman Centre for Culture and Ideas (SCCI).

This episode of GLAMcity includes discussion of violence, self-harm and sexual assault.

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