Ambiguous Future for Migrant Caravan

Imagine this scene for a second.  A human train of roughly 5,000 people travelling through Central America in an attempt to cross the Mexican/US border.  Sleeping in empty football stadiums and living off food and clothing donations from the Mexican people, this is the Central American migrant caravan, which has now reached the Mexican border city of Tijuana.

Tijuana has declared a humanitarian crisis over the 5,000 migrants who have flooded the city, with the mayor asking for aid from the United Nations.

The thought behind this caravan of people was that there would be safety in numbers.  Yet there is an even darker element to this humanitarian crisis, as roughly 100 migrants have disappeared from the caravan. Reports coming from those who escaped, saying that migrants were sold to groups of armed men.  We were joined by Dr Luis Gómez Romero from the University of Wollongong’s School of Law to learn more about this crisis.


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