An ocean odyssey – Pete Fielding’s 2 years afloat


Some of us watch things happen, others make things happen, and some wonder what the hell’s happened. Our next guest fits well and truly into the make things happen category.

FIFO miner, competitive skydiver, legacy BASE jumper, grandfather, Himalayan hiker, global adventurer …Pete Fielding certainly knows how to wring the tea-towel of life.

Following a horrendous mining-related accident and narrowly avoiding amputation, he was left with nearly no strength in one arm and enforced life changes.

Fast forward a few years, a little yachting tuition and a hankering for a well-made yacht, Pete set off from France for the adventure of a lifetime.

Cue Caribbean island hopping, roaming the Med, a solo Pacific Ocean mission, kindred spirits, horrid weather, brilliant weather, cruisy days and hard fought crossings – not to mention a shout out to the best Policeman he’s ever met – Captain Pedro has a remarkable story to tell.

He returned through Sydney Heads last week after nearly 2 years sailing the globe.



To listen click on the blue box right of photo.


Pic: © Greg Matheson

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