And I Swear

This week on Across The Park, we start by discussing our names! Then we discuss Naomi Osaka’s possible power move, Mick taking another holiday, 2ser jail, in class suspension, Gaby wearing her sports uniform to school, Joel finishing the game Snake, the evolution of mobile phones, briefcase phones, loosing your headphones, where Mick could be, Gaby struggling with a treadmill, if sweating mean you’re fit, we tip our hat to the organisers of The Australian Open, Sam Stosur and Matt Ebden’s unlucky doubles loss, Naomi Osaka’s singles victory, Stretch Armstrong, NRL All Stars, State Of Origin, Mardi Gras, Australia and New Zealand’s T20’s, Tiger Woods’ car accident, a misinformed bio security update, Australian possibly getting the 2032 Olympics and Paralympics, and a game!

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