Archery – Then and Now

Archery is ingrained in humanity’s history. It can be dated back to the Stone Age, originally being a means of hunting and warfare. But archery is still practiced today as a sport, attracting members young and old to clubs such as Ku-Ring-Gai Bowmen in Lindfield. Macquarie University student, Matthew Failla visited the club and spoke to one of their instructors, Roger Irving. 

Listen as they rewind back to the roots of archery and compare it to modern archery. They discuss archery’s disciplinary qualities as a sport as well as the club’s process of how they conduct their shooting sessions, being a standard form of target archery. It becomes clear that seeing archery in movies, TV shows and other media inspired Roger and many of the other members try it out in real life.

Hear from experienced archers and find out how Ku-Ring-Gai Bowmen builds a sense of community through their social activities such as their Beginner’s Courses where Roger instructs first-time archers, as well as their weekly shooting sessions. 

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