Drew Bickford’s nostalgic Archibald portrait of Soda Jerk

Drew Bickford, one of this year’s Archibald Prize finalists, has created a buzz with his portrait of the filmmaking duo Soda Jerk.

Titled “Direct-to-video“, his work, inspired by vintage VHS covers, stands out at the Art Gallery of New South Wales with its vibrant horror and sci-fi elements.

He joined host Danny on 2SER breakfast this week. 

“I chose Soda Jerk because I’ve known them for about 15 years. We had a shared interest in film, particularly cult films and B movies, basically trash,” Bickford laughed.  

The Blue Mountains’ born artist reflected on his background working at Video Ezy. His current piece showcases a blend of nostalgia and modern artistry, adhering to Archibald’s rules while maintaining a distinctive approach.

“I’m self-taught, just watching horror films, looking at those video cases, working with them in the video store, and teaching myself. I learned a lot from Mad Magazine.”  

Check out Drew Bickford’s captivating painting at the Art Gallery of New South Wales before September 8th.

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