Are flying cars near to become reality?

Flying cars could be a reality much sooner than expected.

Air taxi technology and transport drones have seen recent developments by several Chinese-based aviation companies, after the government gave strategic priority to what’s being called the ‘low-altitude economy’.

Shanghai-based aviation technology company Auto Flight recently completed a successful test flight of one of the vehicles.

The Wire’s contributor to R-T-R-FM Fiona Bartholomeaus spoke to Senior Lecturer at the School of Engineering at RMIT University Dr Abdulghani Mohamed, to learn more about the technology 

Image: Image: Pexels/ Bohlemedia

Produced By: Fiona Bartholomaeus

Featured In Story: Dr Abdulghani Mohamed- Senior Lecturer at the School of Engineering, RMIT University

First aired on The Wire, Monday 17 June 2024

Monday 17th of June, 2024

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