Art and Mental Health

Mental health and how it has influenced the world of art has been showcased through some of history’s most acclaimed artists and performers.

Through artistic expression, you can catch a glimpse or peruse into someone’s life experience.

It’s this intersection between art and mental health that some are saying should receive more attention by health professionals than it currently is.

An event called Creating Reciprocal Understanding in Psychiatry is bringing together mental health professionals and a number of artists with a history of mental health problems to establish a new dialogue, through the medium of poetry and the arts.

Colin Hambrook is an artist and founder of Disability Arts online, a website that reviews and showcases artists who live with a disability, and will be one of the performers on the night.

Colin joined me in studio, alongside Sarah Houbolt – Equity and Diversity Officer at the University of Technology Sydney – who are helping facilitate the event.

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