Art Protagonists- National day of action June 17

Did you know that The Arts contributes 8% of Australia’s GDP?

With more than 124,000 people employed in the Arts in Australia, it was surprising to see big cuts from the Liberal government in the recent budget, withdrawing $60 Million from the Australia Council’s budget.

The Protagonists, a collective of inter-dependent artists and arts workers from a range of disciplines are teaming up with other art bodies for a ‘National Day of Action’.

On this day—across all art forms—they are calling for collective action, a demonstration of solidarity from artists, organisations and arts lovers across Australia.are asking independent artists and their supporters to take a stand, make an action – down tools, close your spaces, create a happening, a media event, or release a statement: MAKE A NOISE!

Bek Conroy from The Proganonists joined Mick to tell us all about it.

To find out more- The Art Protagonists Website

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