Aussie economy will suffer from science maths dropouts

Low levels of engagement with maths and science subjects in Aussie schools could disadvantage our economy.

The facts tell us that Aussie students are almost three times as likely as they were over a decade ago to complete high school without a maths or science subject. This has raised concern that innovation could slow nationally and the future of our economy be affected. In terms of not having compulsory maths and science in senior school Australia is a global outlier.

The Government are pushing the innovation agenda with the Prime Minister discussing, at the recent national Prizes for Science, the need for Australia to invest in science to make Australia a stronger global competitor.

The rapid rate of technological change will see traditional jobs disappear and the need to shift focus to creating new, technologically ready jobs. But concern has been raised that the absence of compulsory maths or science subjects for senior students means that Australia is not innovation ready.

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