Australia Day: A Celebration For All?

Earlier this week, a company in Melbourne was forced to remove an electronic Australia Day billboard that featured transitioning images of Australians from diverse cultural background celebrating Australia Day. The billboard fronted an image of two young girls, young Australians, wearing hijabs. The company then received threats in regards to the poster displaying an ‘un-Australian’ representation of the celebratory day. Previous Australia Day and other Australian marketing campaigns – ‘there’s no place like Australia’ and ‘where the bloody hell are you?’ Appeals to a sense of Australianness that is deemed desirable and inherently Australian. The question lies, how did a sign promoting the inclusion of all cultures turn into a national uproar? The Daily was joined on the line to by Bish Marzook, writer and comedian to discuss Australia’s representation of multiculturalism in the media. 


Produced by Brooke Taylor and Siobhan Parry

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