Can We Make Our Voting System Better?

The Australian way of doing elections is really quite unique. Most of us know that Australia is one of only a few countries where voting is mandatory. We vote on a Saturday, and when we do, we cast our votes, in private, inside a booth, using a secret ballot.

On this episode of Think Business Futures, with the federal election looming, we examine our assumptions about Australian electoral systems with Rebecca Huntley and Jingjing Zhang.

Further Reading:

  • Rebecca Huntley’s Quarterly Essay– Australia Fair, is available online and in all good bookstores.
  • You can find more information on Jingjing’s research on the UTS Business School website.
  • For official election information, visit the Australian Electoral Commission’s website

Music: Gunnar Johnsen, Fabien Tell,  Dew Of Light, Peter Sandberg, Flouw, Rand Aldo and Mo Stacks

Photo: Cole Benetts


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