Baby Velvet skips the baby steps and goes it alone

Musicians start solo. This would be true of every budding artist that picks up the stick, a pick or places their fingers on a keyboard. From learning their craft, to finding their voice, the pursuit of creating music yourself and broadcasting it to the world is a visceral and emotional outlet.

Our next guest has travelled the world, had her music in the top 10 of the charts and met fans and artists from around the world, but has never released a solo debut album, until now.

Baby Velvet, aka Hannah Crofts, has delivered an album to our ears that will make you melt, make you think, all the while flowing through your body with warm and rich tones.

Please Don’t Be In Love With Someone Else’ is the name of the record and we were stoked to chat to Baby Velvet on the Tuckshop!

📸 – Michelle Grace Hunder

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