Before he was ‘The King’

Richard ‘The King” Kingsmill is a giant of Australian radio broadcasting. With over 30 years of service at Triple J, including presenter of The J Files, The Australian Music Show and then as the station’s Music Director, Kingsmill is now the Group Music Director for Triple J, Triple J Unearthed, Double J and ABC Local Radio. Not just a ‘King’ in name, but also in terms of size of Empire! Richard’s love and knowledge of the local and international music industries continues to provide an invaluable contribution to Australian broadcasting – all delivered with an energy and warmth that would make millions for anyone that could bottle it.

But before all that…. Richard Kingsmill was a volunteer at 2SER. In this week’s Deep Dive we talk directly to Richard about his time at the station, covering his early days, the diversity of experience he gained at the station, and how it helped him turn a crush on radio into a full blown life long love affair. We are thrilled to have him back in our humble abode, and loved hearing about how his time at Community Radio shaped the career to come.

While we haven’t unearthed any recordings of Kingsmill’s time at the station (we’re still searching – those damn unlabelled boxes and tapes!), but we have found a very sweet slide that captures him in the then-UTS Tower studio. Please enjoy the (baby) King, and some wonderful 80s ‘made for radio’ fashion as well. 

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