Belinda Mason Asks, ‘Does One Life Matter?’

Internationally acclaimed human rights photographer Belinda Mason has once again collaborated with videoographer Dieter Knierim to create a confronting work of art.

In ‘One Life’ Mason explores the lives of female ex-prisoners and their advocates. Nationally, the female incarceration rate has exceeded its male counterpart. Mason has explored this alarming statistic through a multi-media presentation to feature at the festival. ‘One Life’ archives twelve women by documenting their final moments in prison, shortly followed by their release.

Throughout Mason’s career, she has delved into issues such as male vulnerability in her ‘Only A  Man’ series, along with recognizing the selfless contribution of Indigenous members of the Defence Force in her ‘Serving Country’ series.

‘One Life’ is on at the Rocks Discovery Gallery until May 28.

‘belinda-Mason-portrait.jpg’ by Belinda Mason on Belinda Mason Photography


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