Ben Raue Talks Orange

In the Orange by-election held this past week, a huge turnabout occurred with the minority Shooters, Fishers and Farmers party claiming their first state legislative assembly seat. Their victory is more importantly a major stronghold break for the Nationals – the first time they’ve lost this seat in nearly 70 years.

More significantly, the party’s candidate, Phil Donato only received less than ¼ of all the first preferences. So is this (as Buster Keaton called it), a sign of “the shape of things to come” for state politics and what other dramas can be expected in combination with this event for the short-term news future? Ben Raue, the owner of the Tally Room, Australia’s definitive election results reporting blog joined us in studio. Ben is also a data analyst for GetUp! and was a member of the Greens in his electorate.

Produced by Hans Lee

Interviewed by Sean Britten, 25th November 2016

Friday 25th of November, 2016

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