Fishing around for Australia’s best fish and chips

Fish and chips. Forget a pie at the footy or fairy bread at your fifth birthday party, is there an Australian food experience more iconic than the humble fish and chips? Wrapped in newspaper, doused in vinegar, with a side of tartare sauce, or served deconstructed-style in a high-end restaurant, no matter how you prefer yours, it’s no secret that Aussies LOVE their fish and chips.

But have you ever experienced the best fish and chips? For the second year running, the Best Fish and Chips Awards are in search for the country’s best — and they need you. Peter Horvat, General Manager of Communications, Trade and Marketing at the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation, spoke to Tess about what makes the best fish and chips.

If you think you’ve had the best fish and chips, you can cast your line–I mean, vote over at the Best Fish and Chips Awards website. Voting is open until September 15th, and winners will be announced in October.

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