Eating Malaysian Food With Youtube’s Own “Building Beautifully”

After the roaring success of the first installment of Celebrity Tummy Treasures, I’ve brought in another guest and asked them to take me to their most favourite place to eat in all of Sydney. This time we are heading to Parramatta to speak to Sharath of the Youtube channel Building Beautifully!


Sharath told me that for as long as he can remember he’s been visiting the Malaysian restaurant Temasek, with his love for the Parramatta institution stretching so deep into his soul that he even celebrated his 18th birthday there. So if the Hainanese chicken is good enough to shepherd Sharath into manhood, it’s certainly good enough for this segment.


If you have even the slightest interest in Sydney and how a city as delicious as it can possibly function (or in some cases, not function) then go and check out Building Beautifully on Youtube, with my big recommendation being the video on the Red Rooster Line that accidentally perfectly divides the West from the East.


And this episode didn’t fill up your ear-tummy enough, then there are COUNTLESS* other episodes ready and waiting for you here. Also, as per, go check out the Instagram account.


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