Blame Traffic takes theatre to the streets

Writer and Director Michael Andrew Collins joins Stages to talk about his new work.
Lilian was cut off every day after work by the same Mercedes and had finally worked up the courage to follow the car home and vent her rage over the driver; Jacquie believed that she was personally responsible for most of the car crashes in Sydney; a mechanic had just told Zio Tony that his car couldn’t be fixed and so he needed a plan; Dion needed a driving lesson; Gabriel’s brother, Radu, was missing.
Sara could learn these facts, and maybe she could piece them together into a story that means more to her, to her friend Lilian, and to the insurance company they both worked for.
She could learn these things, and maybe they would help, or maybe she’d find that the best story doesn’t necessarily care about the facts.
To find out, she just has to follow the blame
In the aftermath of a car crash, Blame Traffic asks us to consider the randomness of the world around us, the risks we take, the impacts we have on others that we’ll never see, and how we can all be connected.
Writer & Director: Michael Andrew Collins
Designer: Patrick James Howe
Producer: Violette Ayad
Sound Designer: Charles Wu
Cast: Violette Ayad, Nic English, Emma O’Sullivan, Mary Soudi & Alex Stylianou
Venue: Old 505 Theatre- Level 1, 5 Eliza Street Newtown

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