Brands Have Feelings Too!

“Anthropomorphism” is the characterising of human traits to non-human objects. When it comes to brand anthropomorphism, it’s a marketing technique where we perceive brands as human-like to better connect with them that way. One sweet example is the colourful human-like characters that appear on M&M chocolate packets. The red round M&M is the leader, the blue one loves jazz, and of course, the yellow one who unconditionally loved the female green M&M. Each character has different looks, personality, and quirks that made each one unique. It seems bizarre that humanising a brand can make it more appealing. For a business, this can be an effective strategy to appeal to consumers.Dr. Abas Mirzaei, Senior Lecturer in Marketing at Macquarie Business School, was on Drive to discuss the consumer psychology of humanising brands.


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