Campaign to have Aboriginal Flag fly on Sydney Harbour Bridge Sparks Debate

In light of NAIDOC week, the campaign to have the Aboriginal flag fly permanently atop the Sydney Harbour Bridge is heating up.

Inner-West Mayor, Darcy Byrne, is urging local residents to get on board with the online petition led by 26 year old Kamiliroy woman, Cheree Toka.

Mayor Byrne believes supporting the campaign will be a practical way to acknowledge Australia’s first people.

On the other hand, Murri Activist and writer, Ken Canning, insists that flying the flag will not be enough to fix the social and economic gap facing Indigenous and Torres Strait Islanders, and that the media attention needs to be directed elsewhere.

Ellie Campbell asked Mayor Byrne what impact flying the Aboriginal flat on top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge will have on the local community.


Thursday 12th of July, 2018

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