Canadian Cars, Cave Cacophony & Calamitous Commerce

In this week’s program, joining host Sean Morahan were Christina Van Look, Kate Iselin and Te Rina Taite.

Our panel discussed three stories from the week’s news…

The Thai Cave Boys Are Out!

You’d already know that the Thai boys and their soccer coach were safely rescued this week – unless, of course, you’ve been living in a cave.

Invoking a principle of good radio having some dissent, Sean sought a volunteer to be the cynic on this story and was surprised at the result!

Some of the questions put to our panel this morning:

  • Was your heart warmed by this story?
  • Could this have been a nice break for the parents?
  • Did Soccer help them get coverage during World Cup time? Would people have cared less if they were tiddly winks players or panelists on a community radio program?
  • Trump complained that NATO countries aren’t spending enough. IS that because he saw they were willing to spend more to help the Thai cave rescue?

During the week, Sean browsed international news websites and it seems that every country in the world is proclaiming how their involvement made the difference; Denmark, India, Netherlands, UK, Moldavia, Westeros, Narnia, they’re all claiming some credit!

  • We’re now a global village but is news only newsworthy or more newsworthy if your country is involved?
  • Would your interest in this story be any different if there hadn’t been some Aussies involved?

The 1951 Kirk Douglas movie Ace in the Hole is the story of a reporter who delays the rescue of a trapped cave miner so he can sell a better story.

  • Do you think any of the Thai cave drama was orchestrated or distorted for the media or by the media?


Canadian Woman Unwittingly Stole A Car That Was Much Nicer Than Her Rental Car

We felt some sympathy for the woman in this story. She rented a black Nissan, parked at Walmart and left the keys in her car. After shopping she jumped in a (different) black Infiniti ( a luxury car made by Nissan) and drove it for two weeks without noticing the difference.

We took a look at the Infiniti range. The story did not mention which model of Infiniti was ‘stolen’. If it was an SUV, then the woman deserves to be embarrassed, but we’ve given her the benefit of the doubt and below we have compared the Nissan Sentra with the Infiniti model that most closely resembles the Sentra – a Q50.

Spot the Difference! Could YOU tell the difference between these two cars in a busy car park?

  • Are Canadians crazy leaving their keys in their cars?
  • Do all cars look the same and drive the same anyway?


Unbearable queues for Build A Bear Promotion

In the USA and UK Build-A-Bear ran a pay-your-age promotion but they underestimated how many people would do anything to get away from the World Cup Soccer!


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