Cargo of Eagles by Margery Allingham – Part Two

We discuss chapters 9-15 of Margery Allingham’s final Albert Campion novel, ‘Cargo of Eagles’, completed posthumously by her husband Philip Youngman Carter. The Demon of Saltey seems alive and well, as the last person to see it is found succumbed to its power. With Mossy dead, it’s clear to Campion and Morty that time is of the essence. As the town starts to fill up with gawkers, can the spies see through the noise and stop the killer before they escape with riches.

We also speak with Kate McCaffrey, YA author and crime-debutant about her latest novel ‘Double Lives’. Radio journalist Amy Rhinehart has found the perfect show to beat her rival station at the ratings, a true crime series where the listeners can shape the investigation. The murder of a young trans woman with echoes of decades past proves a promising first case, and we discuss how ‘Double Lives’ echoes the generational influences of ‘Cargo of Eagles’.

Thank you to DMCPR and Echo Publishing for a preview copy of Double Lives.

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