Changing perceptions around lockout laws

After a spate of one-punch attacks in 2014, the NSW state government introduced 1:30am lockout and 3am last drinks laws in the Sydney CBD and they’ve been divisive issue ever since.

Last week, the NSW Supreme court ruled that the secretary of the Justice Department didn’t have the authority to ‘declare’ a city venue subject to the legislation. This has lead to 15 venues seeking exemptions from the laws.

However, a new Galaxy poll shows that a majority of NSW residents do not want to see the lockout laws repealed, this includes 74.6% of young people.

Throw in a mayoral election, and an independent enquiry into the laws that’s release has been pushed back to September 15, and there’s a lot happening.

Tyson Koh campaign manager for Keep Sydney Open joins Adrian Walton to cut through the confusion.


Producer: Jack Begbie

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