Chef’s Kiss: Foreign Films

The Drive team has been cooking up a new segment idea which has been coined ‘Chef’s Kiss’ by Drive presenter Beth Tracey. We want to bring you the best of not so mainstream media and entertainment. In this segment, fill in presenter Oscar Byrne and producer Sophie Bennett, discussed some of their favourite foreign films along with a few extras listed below. 

  1. Wadjda (2012, Saudia Arabian)
  2. The Platform (2019, Spanish)
  3. Belle Epoque (2019, French)
  4. Happy as Lazzaro (2018, Italian)
  5. The Invisible Guest (2016, Spanish)
  6. I am Jonas (2018, French)
  7. Under the Shadow (2016, Iranian)
  8. 303 (2018, German)
  9. A Silent Voice (2017, Japanese)
  10. On Body and Soul (2017, German)

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