Childcare subsidies: The real winners and losers

Earlier this month, the long-awaited childcare reforms finally came into action, shaking up the entire system and dividing opinions nationwide.

Minister for Education and Training Simon Birmingham has reassured the public that the new package will benefit 1 million families across Australia.

However, rising childcare fees, website crashes and the complete overhaul of the old system has left parents and childcare workers increasingly frustrated.

Alys Gagnon, Executive Director of The Parenthood and mother of two, says adjusting to the new package has proved to be a confusing experience for her family.

Lisa Bryant, consultant for the Early Education Centre and co-host for the Early Education Show, believes the new package will limit children’s access to early education, and that the government has missed an opportunity to create an effective system.

Photo: The Greens via Flikr





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