Childhood Obesity is costing Australia $17 million per year

In later January 2017, an analysis by the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health revealed that childhood obesity is costing Australia $17 million per year. A fifth of Australian kids are overweight before they start school, and one in 20 are obese. The study revealed that each obese child incurs a health care cost of $367 above the cost of a healthy child. The AMA’s Position Statement of Obesity in 2016 revealed that “around 70 per cent of people who are obese have at least one established health condition, illness or disease, which can increase the cost of their healthcare by at least 30%.” How can we reduce the number of children affected by obesity and its associated costs?

Joining Sean on the Daily show was Dr Tony Bartone, Federal Vice President at the Australian Medical Association.

Produced by Siobhan Parry

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