Chronic pain sufferers still face stigma

If you have ever had a sore back or headache, you will be aware of what it’s like to be in pain. You can’t sleep, you can’t work, exercise is definitely out of the question, and this can all have an affect on your social relationships.

But for most of us, this pain passes and we can get on with our day-to-day lives. But for sufferers of chronic pain, the pain never goes away, which mean suffers are often left without a proper diagnosis or treatment.

Over two million people in Australia suffer from chronic pain, and its recognised as one of the fasted growing medical condition in Australia with over two million sufferers.

In just under a month’s time, Chronic Pain Australia will be raising awareness of chronic pain for National Pain Week.

Devon Silver explains what chronic pain is, and why we need to reduce the stigma attached to the condition.


Laura Winkler
Vally Grego
Coralie Wales – President, Chronic Pain Australia
Samantha Rowbotham – Research assistant, Centre of Health Management, University of Technology Sydney Faculty of Health

Image: Samantha Evans Photography on Flickr.

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