City of Sydney: Bioblitz at Sydney Park

With parks, wetlands and playgrounds galore, Sydney Park is certainly a ‘jewel in the crowd’ in the bustling Sydney city. This weekend the Park will be on display, with scientists, naturalists and locals heading over to Sydney Park for Bioblitz. The weekend is jam-packed with fun, educational events designed to teach Sydneysiders about the impressive array of wildlife living in the very heart of our city.

On Friday the 13th, Bioblitz will begin with a spooky start. After the sun goes down, the Park will turn their eyes to the sky, taking part in a night microbat survey. A mixture of science and a festival of fun, Bioblitz will be holding a BBQ, along with the 21 different events happening from the 13th to the 14th of April. From spotlighting surveys to guided bike tours through the Alexandra canal, Bioblitz is sure to reveal some fascinating facts about our history and the many creatures crawling around.

Nic spoke to Jess Scully, the festival director for Bioblitz, to find out more about the events happening this weekend

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