Clipped Music Video Festival

Samuel Bright, the founder and director of Clipped Music Video Festival, joined us on Drive to speak about the upcoming event to be held on Saturday June 15.

Clipped Music Video Festival is held annually and aims to celebrate emerging filmmakers and musicians, giving new artists an opportunity to showcase their work.

Produced in collaboration with Vivid Sydney, the festival program this year is packed with live music performances, premiere screenings, discussion panels, premiere screenings, a music video exhibition and competition.

Speakers include a number of big names within the industry. Sing J Lee, who has worked with Donald Glover (aka Childlish Gambino), Migos and Halsey will be in attendance. He will be joined by Sylvia Zakhary, from the creative collective MAMAG Studios, musician Washington, filmmaker Nick Waterman, cinematographers John Ogden and Jane Castle, and Rage producer Yasmin Vought.

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